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We are committed to continuously improving our internal capabilities to ensure that we not only meet but consistently exceed our customers’ quality expectations and safety standards.


Mangos are an edible stonefruit
and contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a superfood.

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Persian Limes are round, sour and bright green citrus fruits that are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

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Learn more about our other products, including Watermelon, Okra and Plantains.

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Meet Our Team

We take great care in hiring and developing only the best – individuals whose character is defined by their unquestionable integrity, their work ethic, their service orientation, and their willingness to put the team ahead of themselves.

Because we believe that our team is the best in the industry, we are committed to fostering a working environment recognized for its fairness, inclusion, and unmatched growth possibilities. We want CAPCO Farms to be a place where human beings come not just to do a job, but build their life’s work.

Denise Wilson

Denise Wilson

Sales Coordinator

Denise started with CAPCO in 2013 after graduating from Broward Community College with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. In addition to the position she holds here, she also owns a successful business making custom handmade jewelry.

Marissa Geoffroy

Marissa Geoffroy

Director of Strategic Development

Marissa started with CAPCO in March of 2015 in the capacity of Director of Strategic Development. She has worked in the produce industry for over 15 years in various roles including sales, marketing, analytics, logistics, change management, IT and overall utility player/problem solver.

Davide Scarsini

Davide Scarsini

Senior Salesperson

After serving in the military for four years, Davide worked his way through the ranks of the hospitality industry. He moved into produce sales shortly after. Davide started with CAPCO in April of 2015 with over 14 years of produce experience and has never been happier!

The CAPCO Farms History

The Warren Family & Their Passion for Produce

In 2019, Grandson Michael took over the company. Since then, CAPCO Farms has become deeply invested in the mango business. Michael’s vision is to help young people learn from an early age to eat healthier, and educate consumers in general about the health benefits of some of the new and exciting foods now available. Now in its 6th decade, CAPCO Farms has transformed from a small, family owned fruit and vegetable provider to a mango powerhouse, well known throughout the industry.

The Warren Family & Their Passion for Produce
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Nathan Warren first immigrated to the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century. Starting out with a horse-drawn produce delivery cart in Rhode Island,

Nathan expanded his wholesale distribution business to include facilities throughout the Northeastern U.S.


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After an eye-opening road trip in 1938, in which he visited farms and markets across the U.S., Nathan’s son David permanently joined the company and eventually took over.


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Nathan’s son David and his family lived in both Haiti and Guatemala, while he assisted the U.S. government in developing new crops for export

His experience there led him to open Central American Produce, and establish his own farming operation.


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Grandson Michael now runs the company, which is in its fifth decade! Michael’s vision is to help young people learn from an early age to eat healthier

And educate consumers in general about the health benefits of some of the new and exciting foods now available.

The CAPCO Farms Culture

Why We Do This

Our mission is to improve the lives of those we feed and of those who feed us. But what does that really mean?

For us it means not only providing our customers with delicious, flavorful fruits and vegetables, but also finding ways to enhance their experience – with great recipes, innovative packaging with valuable information and extreme customer service. We also give both physical and financial support to the communities in which we do business. Our office culture provides a fun learning experience for all of our team members, celebrating our successes and supporting each other.
We’re not just a family business – we’re a family.



What Our Partners Say

At CAPCO Farms we believe that transparency and continuous feedback are powerful agents of improvement. Our ability to grow depends on constantly reassessing the way we do business, so we go out of our way to seek feedback from our growers, our customers, and our employees.



Warehousing Business Partner, 15 years

CAPCO has been a major business partner since our inception 15 years ago.   CAPCO’s level of professionalism and integrity have been stellar.  It has been a pleasure working with them, always receiving unwavering support!



Mango Grower, 20 years

We have successfully been doing mango business with CAPCO and known the Warren Family for around 20 years. Good people and good company. Very proactive but more than that, always grower oriented.