Watermelon Preparation


Wash the rind of a watermelon with regular soap or with a fruit wash.
Use a sharp knife to carefully slice off the top and the bottom. A serrated knife works best for items that have a softer interior and tougher exterior like melons. Knives must be longer than the fruit you’re going to cut.
Stand the melon on end, and carefully slice down through the center.
Cut each half into sections.
Hold the section in one hand while you slowly remove the melon from its rind.
Slice down from the top to the rind in even slices. Continue in this way until each section has the fruit removed.


Find the center of the watermelon and cut at the mid-point between it and the end of the fruit
Take the larger piece of the watermelon and turn so that it is standing up.
Cut down the middle.
Slice into squares/rectangles and cut off rinds if desired.